Superior cookware for the kitchen to the table.

We believe food tastes better when cooked in clay pots. Cook on Clay flameware offers a truly superior cooking and eating experience. Our pots are designed to highlight the beauty of daily cooking tasks. You will taste the difference when you put Cook on Clay pots to work in your kitchen.

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“I purchased a small square for baking fruit crisps. The pot is classic and beautiful both full and empty, it heats evenly on sides and bottom, and turns out the perfect crisp every time. As it goes from the oven to the table it is always met with a chorus of oohs and aahs. Amazing pot! Our twin daughters are already fighting over who gets to inherit it."

Deborah Klein, Sebastapol, CA

Cooking on Clay

Spring is full of energy here with the lilacs and fruit trees blooming.

We wish you a Happy Equinox, Happy Passover, Happy Easter, a most verdant and colorful spring!

We like to think that we walk the talk at Cook on Clay. We are enriching the garden soil with our donkeys’ beautiful and fragrant manure, pruning fruit trees, thinning shrubs to bring in more light, maintaining our pastures and gardens, AND nurturing a studio rhythm that is sustainable and life affirming.

We are mapping out our kitchen garden. We now have organic seeds chosen for their ability to thrive in the climate and soils of Whidbey Island and the Pacific Northwest from Deep Harvest Farm.

Growing our Team . . . Our newest team member, Cris Sanguino, comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for our manufacturing ventures.

News & Events

We're leaving the studio to have some fun and show off our fabulous flameproof cookware!

From Whidbey Island to Maine and California; we are taking it on the road this summer!

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Tables Across America

We've been making pots for restaurants and shops.

Cook on Clay owners, Maryon Attwood and Robbie Lobell, took a few days off last spring to experience the famed culinary art of chef, Blaine Wetzel at the Willows Inn on Lummi Island. They had the opportunity to meet and chat with Blaine and introduce him to Cook on Clay pots. This spring, Blaine ordered 40 small covered pots. Robbie is working diligently to deliver these little gems by mid-May. We're looking forward to our next culinary experience at The Willows Inn!

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